Kimberly Bush-South Aiken High School

Sophia Brown-Lake Marian High School

Felicia Dailey-Lakewood High School

Robert Harris-W.G. Sanders Middle

Linda Lewis-Woodland High School

Jean Shaw-F.E. Dubose Career Ctr

Kia Smith-Sumter Career Ctr

Melanie Williams-Eau Claire High 

State Executive Council Advisers


 The national Bylaws (revised 2013) state that teachers certified in comprehensive or occupational Family and Consumer Sciences education, as determined by the state department of education, shall serve as chapter advisers. State or chapter advisers accompanying council members to meetings shall serve as consultants to the State Executive Council. 

Ideally, the person designated as adviser should be one who has frequent contact with the officer -- either in class or during planning periods. In any event, it should be the person who can fulfill the obligation of this important advisory role. 


The SECA will: 

  • receive a 2019-2020 State Executive Council/Adviser Handbook containing specific adviser responsibilities; 
  • be certified in Family and Consumer Sciences education and/or related occupations as determined by the state Department of Education; 
  • serve as a mentor and help the State Officer fulfill the responsibilities of a national officer;
  • provide support at the Fall, State and National Leadership Conferences;
  • support the State Officer in all assignments and activities and help keep communication lines open within the state;
  • keep school administrators and teachers informed about key activities and provide guidance if questions or issues arise;
  • monitor State Executive Council member’s academic progress;
  • monitor State Executive Council member’s behavior.